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How to say country-name all over the world in Vietnamese

There are 195 countries in the world today. And people in every country will have their own way to call name of those countries. Today, let’s study how to say typical country-name in Vietnamese. It’s quite simple and very exciting to learn it!!!

Speaking Vietnamese with the amazing word “Đi – go”

Everyday, you have many places to go, go to work, go to school, go out, go out for eat, go for a walk... Now, let's practice how to speak Vietnamese with the amazing word "Đi = go"

What kind of people are you?

The first impression is always important because it decide that you will make friend with someone or in the way back. So, today let’s study about adjectives about people’s characters. Let’s get start with us!

What is this? What’s it for?

Learning language always start from the basic level. And one of it is general objects such as book, notebook, pen… Now, let’s check how we call it in Vietnamese and what’s it for? Maybe for listening, speaking, reading, writing or even just showing.

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Lệ Chi Viên - Lychee Garden Case

“Lệ Chi Viên or Lychee Garden Case” is one of the big case of improprieties in Vietnamese History. It left a lot of questions about Le Thai Tong Emperor’s death. He died at Nguyen Trai’s house with Nguyen Trai’s wife was always beside him. It’s the heart-rending case in Vietnamese that is inspiration for a lot of movies, books and theatres. Today, let’s listen to the summary of this case.

Listening news “39 people died in British – The human trafficking”

The big news about “39 people died in British on 24 October 2019” is the saddest news on October with Vietnamese. It shows the dark side of the human trafficking in Europe and how illegal immigrants spend their life there. They go there with dream about a better life but what they get back is the tortured and even their life. Let’s listen about this news and learn Vietnamese, please.

Listening practice “Milo advertisement”

We’d like you to practice listening Vietnamese through media video that Vietnamese people listen every day on Youtube and television. Let’s check how much you could listen it.

Listening practice Trailer movie “The glorious days”

“The glorious days” is the Vietnamese movie that told about a group of girl called “The Wild Horses”. Time make them separate to each other and it like a time machine when one of the girl that now being a woman back to find her friend and want to re-union the “The Wild Horses”. This movie is really a glorious song will make you think of your youth age. Let’s check the trailer with the smile on your mouth.

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Vietnamese Alphabet

Vietnamese is an Austroasiantic language that originated in Vietnam, where it is the national and official language. It is the native language of 85% of the Vietnamese (Kinh) people and more than 4 million Viet Kieu (Vietnamese people who settle in abroad). Nowadays, Vietnamese uses Latin script with tone marks to make words. Please let’s get start to study about Vietnamese Alphabet with us.

Make Vietnamese words – Part 1

In the last topic, we studied about Vietnamese consonant, vowel and tone mark that all made a Vietnamese word. So, today let’s get start to made a Vietnamese word and how to spell it.

Make Vietnamese words – Part 2

In the first lesson, we studied about Vietnamese consonant, vowel and tone mark that all made a Vietnamese word. So, today let’s continue to made a Vietnamese word and how to spell it.

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Tense in Vietnamese

Tense and how to use tense correctly in English is always a challenge, but in Vietnamese it’s really simple by adding word before verbs to express the timeline of activities. Today, let’s study about how to use tense in Vietnamese.

Vietnamese common classifiers

Subject, verb and object are the most important parts in Vietnamese construction of sentence. But other part is also important that is unit nouns or known as countable nouns or classifiers such as con (gà - chicken), cái (nhà - house), chiếc (xe - car)… Today, let’s study more about this important issue.

[Beginner] Lesson 1: Basic sentence structure and the present tense in Vietnamese

This lesson will firstly introduce the very basic sentence structure in Vietnamese. It then will provide detailed instructions on the formation of sentences in the present tense under affirmative, negative and interrogative forms.

[Beginner] Lesson 2 : Vietnamese Adverbs

Learning the Vietnamese Adverbs is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation.

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Speaking Vietnamese challenge

You could listen and understand all about Vietnamese, and the next step is speaking Vietnamese like Vietnamese people. No other way besides speaking it fearlessly. But someone will say that who I can talk to because I have no any Vietnamese friend. That’s a challenge that you must achieve it. Let’s try our recommendation and feel the different between before and after. Let’s start it now!

How to start learning Vietnamese?

As any other languages, we always learning language with 4 skills that are listening, speaking, reading and writing. There is no the most important skill but you can’t deny that listening is starting point for everything. Today, we’ll show you what you should listen to.

Reading Vietnamese as your daily activity

And now is the time for reading skill. You could read anything that you’re interested in such as newspaper, book, romantic novel or product packaging… Today, let’s try to read following article with us. Read it carefully with dictionary in your hand, translate it into English before double-check it with Vietnamese in the right column.

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