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Communicate in the classroom in Vietnamese

In Vietnam, the teacher's role is definitely higher than the student's role. So if you do not know how to communicate with your teacher in an appropriate way, you will be considered a rude student. The point of this lesson is to help you communicate with your teacher in the right ways.

Communicate when taking a taxi in Vietnamese

When visiting Vietnam, transportation is very important. In order to know how to communicate with a taxi driver or a driver, this lesson helps you to communicate when taking a taxi in Vietnamese.

[Beginner] Lesson 1

Learning the Vietnamese alphabet is very important because its structure is used in everyday conversation.

[Beginner] Lesson 2

If you are a fan of Vietnamese, you can't miss this article. In this content below, we will introduce you the vowels of Vietnamese and its diphthongs.

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Lệ Chi Viên - Lychee Garden Case

“Lệ Chi Viên or Lychee Garden Case” is one of the big cases of improprieties in Vietnamese History. It left a lot of questions about Le Thai Tong Emperor’s death. He died at Nguyen Trai’s house with Nguyen Trai’s wife was always beside him. It’s the heart-rending case in Vietnamese that is the inspiration for a lot of movies, books and theatres. Today, let’s listen to the summary of this case.

Listening news “39 people died in British – The human trafficking”

The big news about “39 people died in British on 24 October 2019” is the saddest news in October with Vietnamese. It shows the dark side of human trafficking in Europe and how illegal immigrants spend their life there. They go there with a dream about a better life but what they get back is the tortured and even their life. Let’s listen about this news and learn Vietnamese, please.

Listening practice “Milo advertisement”

We’d like you to practice listening Vietnamese through media videos that Vietnamese people listen to every day on Youtube and television. Let’s check how much you could listen to it.

Listening practice Trailer movie “The glorious days”

“The glorious days” is the Vietnamese movie that told about a group of girl called “The Wild Horses”. Time makes them separate to each other and it like a time machine when one of the girls that now being a woman back to find her friend and want to re-union the “The Wild Horses”. This movie is really a glorious song will make you think of your youth age. Let’s check the trailer with the smile on your mouth.

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How to pronounce Vietnamese correctly for foreigners

Pronunciation is the most difficult issue for‎‎ foreigners learning Vietnamese. This lesson will provide you with some tips to pronounce Vietnamese correctly. Let’s check it out!

How to talk about the weather in Vietnamese

Why does everyone always talk about the weather? That issue appears to be shared by every culture and language. Let’s learn some common Vietnamese communication sentence templates on this topic.

Communicate in Vietnamese when shopping

Along with the trend of global integration, the demand for shopping and consumption is increasing. Let’s learn some common Vietnamese communication sentence templates on this topic.

Communicate when giving Vietnamese presentations

In this article, we will illustrate some common Vietnamese sentence patterns that can make your presentations outstanding. Let’s find out.

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Imperative sentences in Vietnamese

Like English, Vietnamese also has imperative sentences. This lesson will show you some usages and examples of this sentence structure. Let’s find out what they are.

Types of adjectives in Vietnamese

In Vietnamese, the role of adjectives are words that describe the characteristics or properties of phenomena, things and people. Through adjectives, readers can easily imagine the characteristics and shape of the object. This lesson will help you to identify the different types of adjectives in Vietnamese.

Adverbs of frequency in Vietnamese

The knowledge regarding adverbs of frequency includes their definition, usage, and position in a sentence. These understandings help you know how to use these adverbs grammatically.

Compound words in Vietnamese

In this lesson, we will focus on word formation in Vietnamese, particularly compound words. Based on the relation of components, Vietnamese compound words can be divided into two types. Check it out!

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Speaking Vietnamese challenge

You could listen and understand all about Vietnamese, and the next step is speaking Vietnamese like Vietnamese people. No other way besides speaking it fearlessly. But someone will say that who I can talk to because I have no Vietnamese friend. That’s a challenge that you must achieve. Let’s try our recommendation and feel the difference between before and after. Let’s start it now!

How to start learning Vietnamese?

Like any other language, we always learning the language with 4 skills that are listening, speaking, reading and writing. There is no most important skill but you can’t deny that listening is a starting point for everything. Today, we’ll show you what you should listen to.

Reading Vietnamese as your daily activity

And now is the time for reading skills. You could read anything that you’re interested in such as newspaper, book, romantic novel or product packaging… Today, let’s try to read the following article with us. Read it carefully with a dictionary in your hand, translate it into English before double-check it with Vietnamese in the right column.

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